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Gen 6 Heir Vote!

I’m doing things a little differently this time by having the heir vote before the finale. Since I already have a story planned for the next generation, I’m going to do something a little unique and have a LOOKS ONLY heir vote!

The heirs are wearing the same hair, makeup, and clothing for the vote. This will change when a winner is chosen.

Heir Azurine

Azurine Iris


Heir December

December Snow

Eden’s hair, Pacifica’s skin and eyes.


13 thoughts on “Gen 6 Heir Vote!

  1. Such a difficult decision!

    Its nice to see someone doing an heir vote based on looks only, so many writers do it with little stories planned out ahead. I think I’ll be voting on Azurine personally, but I’d be happy if either girl won.

  2. I absolutely adore Pacifica’s blue hair on Azurine but I like December’s facial features more. Plus I know I’m pronouncing December correctly! It’s a hard one! Both beautiful women.

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