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And the heir is…


The heir that has won with 75% of the vote is December Snow!

December is a shy girl who keeps mostly to herself, save for her twin sister and best friend, Azurine. She has suffered from a terrible stutter since childhood and has difficulty holding even the simplest conversation. The one way she can express herself without faltering is through singing. When she sings, her voice is clear and steady, and her beautiful melodies captivate all those who hear her. She lives a boring and uneventful life, up until the day she meets a mysterious stranger with a dark past and an even darker secret. Everything she thinks she knows will be turned upside down. But is love worth risking everything?


5 thoughts on “And the heir is…

    • I’m glad you like her! I’ve been busy looking for a job, but I’ll work on the final two chapters as soon as I have a chance…promise!

  1. Your heir is beautiful. 🙂 I didn’t get a chance to vote, but I would have voted for her anyway, LOL. I liked your “looks only” heir vote, I feel like if I ever had an heir vote for my legacy, I would do that as well, except maybe for listing their traits, but I’d do it because I don’t plan the entire story ahead of time for the next generation, just cause it’s easier for me to write by winging it. XD

    • Yeah, I really had a story I wanted for this gen, which is why I chose the looks-only vote. Hopefully I’ll get the next chapter for Eden’s story out this week for you all to read. >_>

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