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Gen Seven Summary

December Snow’s Life Summary


December Snow was homeschooled until graduation due to her horrible stutter. She continued living with her parents into her 20s, even though her sister had long moved out. She built up a healthy savings by reviewing books and movies for a local magazine. She stumbled along through life, having no friends beyond her sister and her cousin, Amulet.

Azurine became worried for her sister’s well-being, and she insisted that December show off her beautiful singing ability at karaoke night in the neighboring town of Marshmallow Falls. December reluctantly agreed to go, only to get her sister off her back.


December rocked out on stage, and became enamored of the club’s owner/keyboard player, Sirius Midnight. There was something about him that she could not put her finger on. She begged him to teach her piano, slowly falling in love with him in the process. It was then that she learned his secret…he was a vampire. He had been in hiding for years, trying to stay out of the brewing tensions between vampires and humans.

Eventually, Sirius tried to force December from his side, fearing for her safety. That is, until he realized she had become pregnant with his child. He convinced December to go into hiding with him, choosing a cabin in the deepest woods of Marshmallow Falls as their home.


After years of living in hiding, December’s anxiety about her children’s future and the potential battle for vampire control began to weigh on her. She convinced Sirius to turn her into a vampire, as well. He wasn’t certain that it was the best idea, but he loved December and wanted her to feel secure, even if it meant damnation.

This left only their eldest child to act as a go-between for the vampire world and the human world.


December and Sirius had three children. Their first-born, Evening Star, was born human, but with an incredible ability. Evening, or “Even” (pronounced like Evan), was a tactile empath: she could discern a person’s entire emotional state with one touch. She was followed by twins, Neptune Cloud and Zodiac Cove, both vampires from birth. It was apparent early on that Neptune would struggle with the dark side, while Zodiac was an enigmatic child, dabbling heavily in alchemy and magic.


Stay tuned for the story of Evening Star!


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